Michael Østergaard Johansen - Photography

Digital and analogue photography. Pigment ink printing as well as alternative UV based 19th century printing techniques

Bulbjerg - May evening trip

Had the chance to visit Bulbjerg (DK North West coast) an evening i may. I was an evening with lovely tones that could be used to create lovely grey tonality. I brought the Leica M8 with a Voigtlander 15mm Super Wide Heliar lens attached.

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Film scanning - DSLR based or using a dedicated negative scanner?

During the last two years of taking up film photography again, I first used my DSLR setup based on an old Kaiser enlarger together with my full frame digital 12 megapixel camera. Later I invested in a Plustek 8200i dedicated film scanner. I was really impressed with the DSLR "scan" - and now I'm primarily using the Plustek. I would be interesting to do a comparison of the two methods (ease of use, speed, quality). More to follow